About Ladle

Ladle is freshly prepared soup delivered to your home.  We cook unique soups, from scratch, that feature local produce and whole food ingredients in their most natural state. Delivered to your door, you will receive a bountiful seasonal soup, paired with fresh herbs, sauces, chutneys, nuts and more. Make a customizable dish that is tailored to your preferences.  Ladle serves as a wonderful option for individuals and families who need a night off from cooking, or simply a delicious meal anytime.

It is our goal to operate consciously and make every effort to promote green living. We strive to reduce our environmental impact by packaging our soups in reusable jars. Our jars are freezer safe allowing you to have a fridge stocked with wholesome food whenever you wish. We aim to source our ingredients solely from bulk suppliers and local farms to eliminate unnecessary consumer packaging, in an effort to stifle further damage to our planet.